Battery Backup Information

Battery Backup Units Available for Merrimac Communications Phone Service

Your Merrimac Communications Home Phone service requires electricity to work. That means if the power goes out, you may be unable to use your home phone service (including making 911 calls) unless you have a Battery Backup Unit.

As an existing customer, a Battery Backup Unit may have been included with your service when you  initially ordered. That unit may or may not still be installed and/or in working order. If you have a Battery Backup Unit, you are responsible for the monitoring, testing, and replacement of the unit. Monitoring lights and testing buttons located on the front of the unit can assist you.

If you don’t have a Battery Backup Unit, or it’s no longer in working order, you can purchase one from Merrimac Communications. They are available for a one-time fee of $333.00. To order, call 608-493-9470.

Alternative sources of backup power may be available, including generators. What’s more, a charged cell phone may provide the backup phone service you need, if your home phone service goes out.

Things to Know:

  • The Battery Backup Unit only powers your Merrimac Communications Phone service, which will only work with a corded phone.
  • The Battery Backup Unit will NOT power a cordless phone, your Internet, or your TV service.
  • Although it will NOT power a home-monitoring or medical-alert system, a Battery Backup Unit will support the calling service needed to transmit data to those systems.
  • To preserve phone service during a power outage, limit the use of your phone to emergency calls only. Do not turn off the battery backup unit as this will prevent incoming emergency calls.
  • When fully charged, a Battery Backup Unit powers phone service for up to eight hours during a power outage, enabling you to make and receive calls from a corded phone.
  • Temperature and humidity can impact the backup power time available and life of the battery. Batteries degrade over time.

Learn more about Battery Backup Units

Merrimac Communications is not liable for interruptions of service due to power outages. Customer is responsible for monitoring, testing, replacing, and disposal of battery backup units. Installation fees may apply. No warranties apply.